V-Chat Worlds


Click and drag, use cursor keys or drag with your finger depending on the device you are using. Add the Ctrl key or use multi-touch for ‘strafe’ movements. The worlds are designed to mimic the original boundaries, but you may find you can break out. If that happens, either continue exploring ‘off-piste’ or reload the page.

V-Chat 1.1 Worlds

Practice Area

Practice Area “a place to meet other newbies”

A lost world. If you stumble across this on a backup diskette from 1998 please send it to me!

Stop Press! The Practice Area was preserved by Paul Heinlein of OfficeIRC and discovered by Ben “Bread Smacker” of the MS V-Chat Museum. It is available on his IRC server, has a page with a download link at Timigi’s V-Chat site, and is now added to the web based worlds here. I am very grateful to everyone for sharing this.

Compass (v1.1)

Table Top

Table Top “a general chat area”


Fishbowl “a general chat area”


Lodge “a general chat area”


Bugworld “a 2D chat world. You can see yourself in the environment!”

Another lost world. It’s unlikely to be unearthed but stranger things have happened.

Along with Practice Area above, Bug World was recovered from the same source. It doesn’t really work with the navigation script I wrote for the 3D worlds, so will have to wait until I can implement a top-down third person view.

Lunar Islands

Lunar Islands “a gathering place for teens”

Red Den

Red Den “a great place to meet other singles”

V-Chat 2 beta Worlds

Homespace (v2.0beta)

Lobby (v2.0beta)

V-Chat 2 Worlds

Basketball World

Cartoon City


Compass “a general chat area”

Euro Stadium





Kiva Underground

Kiva World

Lava Love Lounge

Little House



Outer World

Paradise Island

Standing Stone

Theater Chat


Other MS Worlds

Hutch World

Fan Worlds

National Soccer Hall of Fame