Links and Downloads

A most excellent and well-researched archive of all things V-Chat by Timigi, including downloads of original applications, worlds and avatars – Microsoft V-Chat

Want to get V-Chat working on Windows 10? Then Benjamin Gray’s amazing MS V-Chat 2.0 Museum shows how it’s done and has everything you need. Not only that, but he also runs a compatible IRC server!

A chapter Brace Damer’s 1997 book Avatars! dedicated to V-Chat. Avatars! provides a detailed and comprehensive survey of the Internet virtual worlds of the time.

An early beta version of the MS V-Chat SDK document by Lili Cheng. I’ve had this since at least 2002 and have completely forgotten where I got it from. I converted to pdf as the original Word 95 format doesn’t seem to be trusted by up to date versions of Word.